Sedation Dentistry

Nitrous Oxide and Dental Sedation in Fort Worth, TX

Some patients are tense even when entering a dental office, often preventing them from scheduling a visit in the first place. Dr. Adrienne Jennings and her team provide nitrous oxide and other sedation services in Fort Worth, TX to induce relaxation. Call our practice and find out your options.

Helping You Achieve the Care You Need

While many patients understand that dental care is essential to keeping a healthy, beautiful smile, fear or anxiety of visiting a dentist may cause individuals to avoid getting into the office for cleanings and repairs. Sedation makes necessary dental care accessible for patients worried about discomfort during their treatments.

Dr. Jennings is certified in administering nitrous oxide sedation, also known laughing gas. This inhalant is breathed in through a mask administered throughout treatment, inducing a euphoric sensation and drowsiness to allow the patient to relax in the examination and operatory rooms. Patients remain awake during their treatment to answer questions and respond to any instructions given by the dentist or staff but will be in a relaxed state throughout their visit to our practice.

For patients that required even greater levels of comfort, we provide oral sedation options in addition to nitrous oxide. This form of sedation is ingested orally one hour prior to the appointment before they receive laughing gas.

General Anesthesia

Patients especially fearful of receiving dental treatment may require an advanced level of sedation. We have a local, trusted anesthetist who will come in and provide general anesthesia for complete unconscious sedation. This method puts the patient to sleep completely, giving the individual no recollection of the procedure. Patients must arrange transportation to and from the appointment.

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Our practice ensures quality service by providing an atmosphere that is both calm and relaxing. This helps patients undergoing lengthy treatment to remain comfortable throughout, as well as allows Dr. Jennings to perform dental care at a much more efficient pace.

Dr. Jennings wants everyone to have access to quality dental care, including those with higher levels of anxiety. Our advanced relaxation options help our community receive the care they need to maintain optimal health. Schedule a consultation with Dentistry on Western Center to find out more about your options for nitrous sedation in Fort Worth, TX.