Cosmetic Restorations

Your smile is an important part of your personality. At Dentistry on Western Center, we offer cosmetic restorations in Fort Worth that improve dental health while enhancing the esthetics of your smile. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Adrienne Jennings to explore your options.

Cosmetic Dental Care in Fort Worth

Imperfections in the smile, such teeth that are damaged, decayed, discolored, or missing, can greatly affect its appeal. Dr. Jennings and her team of dental care providers are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals by supplying state-of-the-art dental care using cutting-edge technology. Restorations we offer include:

Bonding and fillings repair chips, cracks, and minor cavities using a tooth-colored composite resin that easily blends with the color of natural teeth. Composite resin is both attractive and durable enough to withstand everyday wear and tear.

Crowns restore the structure and function of treated teeth, allowing patients to utilize the tooth normally and preserve alignment. We offer several options to help you achieve the perfect blend between durability and appeal. The materials we use for crowns include porcelain, zirconia, gold, and porcelain-fused-to-metal.

Fixed bridges replace a short row of teeth using a prosthetic crafted to imitate the natural color and function of teeth.

Implant-supported Restorations

We collaborate with a local surgeon for dental implant placement. Once a specialist has placed the dental implant posts, Dr. Jennings can restore your smile. Patients benefit from the improved stability and support implant-supported restorations supply.

Single-unit crowns replace a single missing tooth at any point in the smile, ensuring the jaw and existing teeth receive the support necessary to remain strong, healthy, and in place.

Implant-supported bridges replace multiple teeth without the need to alter healthy teeth. This option utilizes dental posts placed directly into the jaw, preserving the existing dental structure while restoring the complete smile.

Discover Your Best Smile Yet

A beautiful smile often leaves a lasting impression. Call our office and schedule a consultation with our Fort Worth cosmetic dentist, Dr. Jennings, to decide on an option for enhancing your smile. We proudly supply cosmetic restorations for patients from Fort Worth, North Richland Hills, and across Tarrant County.